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Is it really possible for someone to attain Diamond?

The opportunity is the same for everyone who starts this kind of independent business. That's because the Independent Business Owner (IBO) Compensation Plan is structured to provide an even playing field for everyone.

People from all walks of life have achieved the Diamond level. But no matter the individual, a consistent combination is always present for those who reach this amazing level in the Business - desire and hard work, which require time and strong commitment.

For example:

  • Some IBOs may simply want to earn extra income for a limited time.
  • Others may want to generate a modest ongoing income.
  • Still others may hope to build a large, full-time business.

As with any business, hard work is necessary to build an independent business powered by Amway, and that requires time and commitment, especially in the beginning.

The fact is, this Business offers tremendous flexibility. IBOs powered by Amway can start immediately and work at home. They can operate their business when they want, at their own pace, on their own schedule, and according to the goals they have set for themselves. The choice of when, where, and how much time to devote to their independent business is theirs alone.

Why are recorded media, books, and meetings used in the Business?

The majority of IBOs have never built a business before and rely on the information communicated through support materials to help gain the skills necessary to help achieve success.

Every industry has what are sometimes called Business Support Materials (BSMs). Amway is no exception. They often include the use of recorded media, books, and meetings, which in our case are developed by experienced IBOs to guide newer, less experienced IBOs in a Business powered by Amway. They are also a source of motivation for new IBOs.

BSMs may also include books and recorded media developed by non-IBOs who are accomplished in their field, like John Maxwell or Frank Luntz.

IBO BSMs are a proven way to attain knowledge, gain skills, and improve performance in today's business world. Ours are user-friendly, tailored to this Business, and come in many formats: video, audio, digital, print, and interpersonal education programs. They help provide:

  • Effective business-building techniques
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Valuable leadership principles
  • Time management expertise

Did you realize that BSMs are everywhere, not just in businesses powered by Amway? For example: Teachers, doctors, mechanics, and countless other professionals rely on training and motivation to learn industry trends, stay focused, and keep skills up-to-date. The Training and Development Organizations Directory actually lists more than 2,600 institutes, firms, and other agencies that conduct professional training or produce training materials.

Do recorded media, books, and meetings offer value as well as a satisfaction guarantee?

Business Support Materials (BSMs) have been found to be of substantial value to many IBOs. They offer the sharing of hands-on knowledge from those who have already built successful Businesses.

The latest motivational bestsellers are moving and inspiring, but they can't teach you about building a web-based Business powered by Amway. The objective of BSMs is to help IBOs develop successful and profitable independent businesses.

As for cost, compare the prices charged for BSMs to the prices of similar materials and events from other training and motivation organizations. We believe you will find BSMs offered by Approved Providers to be of great value and reasonably priced.

What's more, all aspects of BSM-use are covered under a generous buy-back provision.

Are prices for products offered by Amway competitive?

Products offered by Amway IBOs are price-competitive and good value for their money. Research shows that some products are less expensive than their counterparts, while others are the same or slightly higher ... but are all competitively priced and of good value. We offer many unique and exclusive products which cannot be compared to anything else in the marketplace. In addition to that, we offer a generous 180 day satisfaction guarantee.

What makes the Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) Compensation Plan unique?

The IBO Compensation Plan is based on a proven plan that has stood the test of time for over 60 years of successful operation.

In 1979, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission found that this plan is not illegal but is in fact a legal business. Unlike illegal business plans, Amway does not:

  • charge a large, required initial fee, investment, or purchase of inventory.
  • pay bonuses unless products are sold.
  • pay bonuses for the mere act of recruiting another person into the Business.
  • require IBOs to stock and maintain large, expensive inventories. There are no minimum order requirements. In fact, Amway prohibits "front-end loading."

The IBOAI and Amway encourage anyone considering this Business to carefully read and understand the IBO Compensation Plan and to always ask questions of those presenting this opportunity to them. We all want the Business to be completely transparent - no surprises.

The more you see and know, the more impressed you will be.

What is the difference between "the Business" and "the System"?

"The Business" is the opportunity offered to individuals to start their own independent Business by contractual affiliation with Amway. This includes participation in the IBO Compensation Plan to receive bonuses and a comprehensive line of products and services to market.

"The System" offers business-building and motivation techniques that are easy to use and reproduce through BSMs tailored to help support IBOs' Businesses. System options are offered through your AP (Approved Provider).

Is one IBO organization or group better than another?

This Business is comprised of numerous IBO organizations, who sometimes differ in style, personality, and approach to building an independent Business. However, while groups and organizations may differ in some ways, none are considered to be "better" than another. All IBOs and their respective organizations operate under the same IBO Compensation Plan and Rules of Conduct.

How much money can I really earn? How fast?

This Business lets you be your own boss, set your own hours and working conditions, and earn based on how much effort and passion you put into it. Some IBOs have a simple goal of making extra income, while others make it their whole, and often very profitable, career. It's up to you. Your only limitations are self-imposed.

Am I "in Amway" or am I really an "Independent Business Owner"?

Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are just that: independent. They are not "in Amway" but powered by Amway with a robust IBO Compensation Plan. An IBO and Amway are parties to a contract, which contains rules and responsibilities that govern the relationship.

When I search for Amway on the Internet, I find some negative stuff. What's up with that?

The Internet is a giant bulletin board open to anyone who wants to post a message and, because it's largely unregulated, it's easy for anyone to post opinions, spread rumors, make misleading or false statements, or even build entire websites devoted to whatever topic he or she desires.

Because this is so, all major American companies have critics online. And because negative comments are often reprinted on other sites - few of which do their homework or simply don't care - it often appears that there is far more criticism than actually exists.

The bottom line is: Do your homework. Remember how inaccurate rumors are, online or off. And ask the IBOAI or Amway and/or a successful IBO about anything that concerns you. Want to succeed? Ask a successful person.

Is the Business plan today as valid as it was 20 or 30 years ago?

Absolutely! The IBO Compensation Plan, with its roots in the basic elements of free enterprise, is a proven business concept. Originating over half a century ago, this Business plan has been continually refined and enhanced to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. Since the significant addition of the Internet in 1999, the IBO Plan's efficiency and effectiveness in ordering, communications, cutting edge products, and business operation have been elevated to a new level. Now is the best time ever.

Am I required to hold certain beliefs to be accepted?

No. Respect for every individual is a foundational value of this Business. From the very beginning this has been an equal opportunity Business open to people of all walks of life, varying religious convictions, political affiliations, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and racial origins.

What distinguishes a legitimate MLM from a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid may look somewhat like a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, but it's really very different. A pyramid focuses on selling memberships while a true multi-level marketing business focuses on selling products and increasing sales and income by increasing (though not selling) memberships. Amway is an example of a multi-level marketing business and not a pyramid.

In the early days multi-level marketing was sometimes referred to as a pyramid. However, in those days unethical entrepreneurs became involved who chose to operate illegally and the MLM industry gained a bad name through association.

Today, there are still unethical entrepreneurs taking advantage of their association with legitimate businesses. The FTC regards them as pyramids and not legitimate MLMs. Amway is the most highly respected MLM in business. Its Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethics, which help guard against unscrupulous people, are a standard for the industry. Amway and the IBOAI work diligently to educate and protect IBOs and their downline from unethical schemes.

After lengthy study, the FTC regards Amway as an MLM business, not a pyramid.

On the contrary, an MLM is a business model that multiplies the earning potential of individual entrepreneurs by encouraging them to sponsor additional individuals under them, all who sell products to consumers and by no means is a pyramid scheme.

Growing Together, Success For All!